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Some of the various services offered by the dot net experts of today

· Project training

Project guidelines for the Live projects meant for students of DOAEC A, O level, Diploma Computer Engineering, Diploma IT, BE Computer, M.Sc. IT, MCA, BCA, project training are provided by dot net experts.

· Corporate training

Varieties of formats are offered by the experts for suiting the needs of your training. The experts work with your requirements and schedule for ensuring that you get your required training where and when you need it.

· Web designing

Your investment is your website with specific objectives and if correctly implemented and scoped out, it translates into results which are measurable for your organization. The experts focus persistently for meeting these objectives by making it ensured that the present realities of connected world are reflected by them. Your marketplace identity is showcased by the experts which cultivates powerful relationships.

· Internet marketing

The meaning of web promotion is listing the website of yours at the top position on the leading search engines such as Google and Yahoo. With proper listing in the leading search engines, Search Engine Optimization of the pages of yours and promotion of website, a major boost will be got by your business. There is achievement of website promotion with actual Search Engine Optimization of the website of yours for top listings in the search engines.

· Web hosting

Experts are the preferred choice today for hosting small business and personal websites. The high quality service of the experts includes a feature-rich hosting package, multiple free tools, friendly and professional staff and reliable and fast servers. The experts provide all these at an unbeatable price.

· Web development

Complete services are offered by dot net experts including corporate identity, promotional and consulting services of internet marketing, web design and web development. The experts globally have professional experience in all the areas of website designing and development. The resourceful services of the experts include internet marketing, Flash websites, custom website design, web development live project training and consulting. Microsoft technologies like ASP.Net, VB.Net, C#, ASP and Open Source Technologies such as RoR, Ruby, Perl, PHP are used by the experts.

· Database

A complete SQL course is offered by the experts from basic queries to queries of advance joining, creating database backup-restores, stored procedures, views. The course is designed perfectly for the experience of Live project and to get ready for the jobs with 100% practical knowledge.

· Programming

The experts are trusted in the IT industry. The experts purport in serving top notch services to the varied needs of customers.

For the entire dot net needs of yours- from strategic advice and consulting to training, you can seek the help of dot net experts as the central source of the dot net services of yours.

SAP Training Basics: SAP Basis

SAP CRM which is used for Customer Relationship Management and SAP SD which is used for Selling and Distribution related work. In addition to this, there are a number of financial modules too that SAP offers making it one of the most comprehensive business solutions for overall growth and systems management.

In terms of a more specific understanding of SAP, training in SAP Basis is quite necessary. SAP Basis is a unique layer in the entire SAP architecture. The Basis acts as a link between the computing aspect of the system that is the database, operating system, architecture, etc., and the modules of SAP such as CRM, SD, PS, PP, QM and others. Basis looks to provide a solution that is business application software integrated and can assist in the administration of the system. Upon completing this course, a SAP Basis administrator should be able to ensure that he can administer the various SAP products including SRM, ECC, BI, Solman and others.

For those who are looking to learn SAP Basis, a very thorough and deep understanding of the SAP environment is not a prerequisite, though it is an added benefit. However, it is expected that candidates would have a basic knowledge of operating systems, basic database knowledge as well as an understanding of object oriented programming in any language such as C++ or Java.

As a SAP Basis administrator, the major roles and responsibilities would include SAP system health check, monitoring of the servers, performance tuning, analysing dumps, configurations, database administration, background jobs administration and installations. Therefore, from a back end point of view, a SAP Basis administrator holds a critical position in keeping the SAP system for the organisation as a whole together.

The various elements of this course usually include:

  • Introduction to Basis: Guide to install SAP GUI, SAP Instance, learning SAP architecture
  • Clients: Creating a new client in SAP, deleting clients, Client copying
  • User authorisation: Creating users, locking/unlocking users, password restrictions
  • Background jobs: Background Job processing, monitoring background jobs, deleting background jobs
  • Transport management System: Configuration of TMS, transport layers and routes, transport request
  • Patch Administration: SAP kernel updates, SAP system monitoring, checking for a trace of an OSS note
  • RFC: Remote Function Call, configuration and testing of RFC
  • Data Migration: IDOC, SAP LSMW, LSMW Data migration

A SAP Basis training can be a key catalyst for a change of position from a junior SAP trainee or assistant to an administrator. SAP Basis online courses offer convenience and flexibility and are great for those who are already pursuing careers but want to strengthen their profile further.

Financial Modules in SAP FICO

This helps to create the financial statements as required and can be used for financial reporting purposes. SAP CO on the other hand, offers operational information to management and helps in both decision making and business analysis.

SAP FI has various elements that include accounts receivable, asset accounting, accounts payable, general ledger and account consolidation. SAP FI implementation includes SAP FI configuration with the business manager being able to set up primary configurations on the same. This aligns client, company and the business area itself and data can be migrated into the SAP FI system to get the most out of the financial management system. The various SAP FI requirements for set up are Chart of Accounts, currencies and fiscal year variants. Once completed, the enterprise can track its real time financial transactions and this goes a long way in ensuring easier financial reporting at the end of the year.

SAP CO on the other hand is another very basic SAP module. It consists of both SAP CO configuration and SAP CO user. This has master data, reporting and configuration as well. Master data includes cost elements, profit centers, cost centers, functional areas as well as activity types and statistical key figures. The elements of cost are all the revenue and cost accounts and includes the various departments that handle cost and profit. SAP CO facilitates viewing of cost data within the internal management and assists in managing records and making a more informed decision. This module also helps organisations to manage reporting and information data base as the needs of the business.

Some of the best things about SAP in an organisation are that they help track costs and prepare accordingly. They can attach activity based cost analysis across all processes and manage cost variances through establishing an effective control, build useful and informative management reports that can go a long way in ensuring proper reporting within the organisation.

In order to have an understanding of SAP FICO, the basic prerequisite is to have a commerce degree and to have a good knowledge of basic accounting and book keeping. It also helps to be computer savvy and be able to keep up with new tech.

Undertaking the best SAP FICO Online Training Courses can be very important in order to get a clear and firm grip on SAP. Since this is used by the largest organisations across the globe, it can be a key differentiator at a basic level for those looking to make it big in the finance world and is among the most used platforms across companies. offers some of the best SAP FICO Online Training Courses and can be a great option for those looking to make the most of it.